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About Talk Dirt to Me

We pride ourselves in holding to our values and beliefs in all aspects of our lives.  Especially when it comes to the agricultural industry which is near to our hearts.  The American family farms are under attack today and constantly being misconstrued by flat out lies, or myths, and by the overreaching hand of massive operations. We believe bringing awareness to the issues, addressing the falsities, and trying to offer guidance to those seeking it that we can help save or restore the American family farm. We may ruffle some feathers at times, but that's not our intention.  Here is a brief look at some of the things you can expect to hear in our episodes.  
Image by Robert Wiedemann

Farming is a very challenging career despite being down played by some in the political realm.  The fluctuating markets, steadily rising input/equipment costs, political barriers, and the list goes on of the various things that keep some farmers awake at night.  We trudge into these waters with no looking back to help you better understand exactly what we face and are up against.

New Blood
Young Farmer

Logan and Bobby Lee both firmly agree that in order for any industry to thrive, let alone survive, it must have new blood in it.  That means young and new farmers stepping into the arena.  There's many issues that face new farmers, and this is, we believe, one of the biggest threats to the industry as a whole.  

Cattle at Sunrise

Several farm related polls claim that getting financed is the number one hurdle new farmers struggle with.  We however believe getting land is the number one struggle, but would say the financing is definitely no cake walk.  We deep dive into how we got financed on buying land, getting equipment, and much more.

Hot Topics
Image by Warren Wong

There's constantly some new controversy, health scare, environmental threat, political challenge, or flat out lie that faces the agriculture industry.  We will tackle these head on and breakdown fact from fiction, and why things are done the way they are.  Nothing is off limits.  

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